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“GaN set and met challenging timelines, including ones wherein GaN was advancing new capabilities or approaches … to ensure delivery of the maximum capability and quality for the funding provided. This approach enabled the project to increase quality and product outputs, increasing value and utility to the government.”


System Integration
  • Distributed Test
  • Large-scale Operational Test
  • Live/Virtual/Constructive
  • Alternate Power System
  • Distributed Client/Server Architectures
  • Business Software Efficiency Tools
  • Cross Domain Solution (CDS)
  • Multiple Independent Levels of Security (MILS)
Integrated System Development
  • Aviation System Test Integration Laboratory (AvSTIL)
  • RTC/ASE Architecture for Test and Evaluation of Hostile Fire (RATH)
  • Compact Field Data Collector (CFDC)
  • Mobile Test Monitor and Control Center